Vision is action and effect of seeing. The expression to see is to appreciate through the eyes, objects through light.
The vision is carried out through the light that enters through the iris and through the lens of the eye, this reflects the image that is made in the retina (formed by sensitive cells called: rods and cones). The retina receives the information and transforms the image into electrical impulses and transfers it to the brain through the optic nerves. The impulses reach the thalamus and some nerve endings finish the process, taking the information to the visual cortex of the brain, where the image is formed. .
The vision can be: central vision allows to see something punctual, peripheral vision allows to observe everything that surrounds the central vision. In binocular or stereoscopic vision, the two eyes superimpose the images they view at slightly different angles, and the visual cortex compares the two visions, providing a sense of relief and depth that at the same time allows calculating the distance between objects. .
Night vision is the ability to observe objects with low lighting, this ability occurs in humans in a limited way, which uses electronic devices: night vision cameras, which are visualized through infrared rays, thermal radiation, among others. others. Currently, there are already ranges of cars that have a night vision system.

What is the vision of a company?

As such, a company’s vision indicates where it wants to go in the long term. The purpose of establishing this point in the organization of a company is to motivate the members and focus their efforts towards the same objective, so it is important to establish strategies to work all in reference to what was agreed in them and carry out the task under coherence, organization and success.

Difference between vision and mission of a company

The terms vision and mission of a company should not be confused, since vision responds to What does the company want to be in the coming years? What does it want to become? Where is it headed? That is, is it oriented? to the future, for example: Samsung “inspire the world to create the future”, Nissan “enrich people’s lives”, Adidas “Be the leading sports brand”.
On the other hand, mission answers: What is the company’s raison d’être?, that is, it establishes the reason why it exists and, through this point, the consumer has knowledge of the business to which the company is dedicated.

The vision allows defining the path that must be followed to achieve the proposed goals. To do this, it must clearly and realistically represent the principles that give this company an identity and answer questions such as: what do you want to achieve?, where are we headed?, where do we want to be in the future?Jan 13 , 2022

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