The word structure refers to the arrangement and distribution of the parts of a whole, whose order and relationship with each other allow the operation of a certain system. It comes from the Latin structus, which means ‘constructed’, and the particle ura, which means ‘result’ or ‘activity’.
In a structure, each element has a specific function and a correlation with the other elements that make up the structure. That makes it possible for the system to be effective in its purpose. Therefore, a structure is designed to fulfill a function.
The term “structure” can be applied to both material systems and immaterial systems. In each of these categories, the use of some expressions that we will mention below commonly stand out:

Material Structures

Material structures refer to concrete objects that have a physical entity. Every object, whether natural or man-made, has a structure and this structure guarantees the order and functioning of the parts of the whole: buildings, animals, plants, etc.

Immaterial Structures

As for immaterial structures, these are usually referred to processes, relationships or information flow.

Social structure
A social structure refers to the way in which a society is made up and that determines the ways in which individuals and groups relate, which are affected by the set of norms and values ​​that mobilize the social imaginary.
There is an “invisible” structure in the family in which authority is normally exercised by the father or mother, and in their absence, this may fall on the older brother, for example.
There is also a structure in groups or tribes, where one of its members exercises leadership and always has helpers.
In a broad sense, there are structures that organize community, regional, national and international life. Unlike the previous ones, these are normally sanctioned in a legal body, which includes constitutions, laws, treaties, agreements, assembly minutes and/or communications.

Business or institutional structure

The organizational structure of a company or institution can be mentioned, in which case it refers to the distribution of decision-making power and the tasks to be carried out. “The structure of the company is headed by a general manager.” “The structure of the ecclesiastical institution is central and its head is the pope

Thought Structure

Another example can be the expression “thought structure”, which refers to the way in which a person’s brain distributes, processes and assimilates ideas”.

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